Advanced materials

Specialized additives for excellent polysterene properties and high production performance.

Reactor chemicals

Nucleus builder

Waxes for suspension polymerization

Pickering stabilizers

Tricalcium phosphate, as part of the pickering system, ensures excellent production process control and increases efficiency. The product reduces both the Off-Specification fractions in the production process and the phosphate content in the wastewater.


Our stearate mixtures provide extremely homogeneous particle distribution for the EPS beads, which results in lower demand for powder for the coating process itself. All of the coating products are customized.

Coatings for EPS processing properties

  • Contribute to easier and more efficient processing of EPS beads.
  • Increases the processing speed.

Coatings for EPS functional properties

  • Minimize the static charge of the EPS beads, positive influence the water absorption of the finished parts.

Waxes for water blocking properties

  • Reduce water absorption and vapor diffusion of molded or block formed EPS products applied in insulation, buoys or surfboards.
  • The additive builds a layer which not vanishes after the expansion process of the EPS beads.


Our product ensures smooth transport of the plastic granulate through the process chain. For this purpose, the liquid antistatic is distributed over the granules after the drying process forming a layer around the individual beads. Besides securing the beads from static charge, our antistatic is qualified for usage as an additive for products within the food industry.


Dye masterbatches for colouring the EPS products 

Infrared absorption modifying Masterbatch